Dragon’s Prophet Review

When you first begin Dragon’s Prophet, you must decide on a class and the appearance of your character. Compared to pretty much every other MMO out there, Dragon’s Prophet has possibly one of the best character creators out there. Other than choosing colors and the type of hair you want, you can completely customize your body, from the height, muscle mass in different areas, width and thickness of different areas… pretty much everything can be changed except for the length of legs strangely. Even your face can be changed a lot, instead of selecting some preexisting settings.

There are four classes to choose from, which are the guardian, cleric, ranger, and sorcerer. Although it is clearly possible to tank and deal damage in the game, clerics actually don’t have any healing abilities for some reason. Each class mostly differs in the type of armor they wear and the stats that they need, but for the most part they all just deal damage in roughly the same ways.

Starting very early in the game, you can acquire a dragon that immediately lets you summon it into battle as well as riding it around, even in the air. There are many different varieties of dragons in the game, all coming with randomly chosen abilities. Some can fly, others only glide, and some that can only run on land or even swim in the water. There are a few rares ones out there though, that will only appear at specific times of day and it will be quite the challenge to acquire them.

Dragons that you don’t want to currently use can be stored in the Lair, which does a lot more than just store them. You can send your dragons out on tasks to go and collect materials for you to craft with. Having dragons train against each other daily has the chance to transfer abilities from one to the other, allowing you to create the perfect dragon. The dragons themselves can even be trained to have better stats, which will help when you bring them into your battles.

Dragon’s Prophet is an action MMO instead of hotkeys, which means you will be mostly using your mouse to navigate and attack, while you still have some abilities on the keyboard. You don’t have many abilities, but there are a lot of chains to be done that cause abilities to turn into other abilities. Action points are required to use the more devastating attacks, and needs to be replenished by using your replenishing combo which isn’t the best in terms of damage.

For the most part, every ability feels the same except for how it deals damage. Other than damage, there are a rare few that do unique things, such as bringing all nearby enemies in front of you. The more unique abilities come from dragons however, since a few actually have abilities that you can use yourself. Most of these are just buffs that affect you or your group, though some do damage or even cause enemies to take increased damage.

After you get to level 15, you can start to put points into masteries which is essentially a skill tree. Most masteries are just passive bonuses such as extra health or more damage to certain weapons. There are new abilities that you can acquire, but most of them feel the same and just deal a different amount of damage.

There is a large variety of enemies to deal with in Dragon’s Prophet, though they mostly just differ in what they look like. Special abilities, or just abilities in general, don’t seem to exist on enemies, and they mostly just use a basic attack. They all however seem to possess a charge like ability, that just knocks you down, and can easily spell disaster if you decide to fight 10 of them at once.

Many different crafting skills exist, which are all the generic ones such as armor and weapons, jewelry, food, and potions. There is a unique skill however, which allows you to create items for your house. All crafting just requires you to collect the right kind of materials from either the field or your dragons. The best and most unique thing about crafting in Dragon’s Prophet is that when you extract a piece of gear to recover some materials, there is a chance to get a recipe for a better version of that. Even that better version can be extracted to get yet another recipe.

The gear that you use has tons of different ways to make it better and unique. The most common way is the simple way of reinforcing, which lets you increase the armor or damage aspects of each piece for the exchange of money. You can do this indefinitely pretty much, but the chance of being successful goes down each time. The orbs that you collect from extracting gear can be used to increase the chance that reinforcing is successful. Dragon stones are a lot like gems, where you can place them into gear, and they themselves can be combined together to make even stronger stones. If you get a new piece of gear that you like the looks or stats of, it is possible to do stat transfers and deletions on pieces of gear.

There is nothing special about the Quests in Dragon’s Prophet, as they are all about killing monsters and collecting items. Even though you are used to these types of quests, there is simply too many of them and there are even repeated quests that will cause you to return to the same areas over and over. Daily quests are available, which allows you to complete 10 of them a day, and doing so earns you 10 dragon insignias each. These can be used in place of Station Cash to purchase most premium items.

Certain areas will have large quests in an area that anyone can partake in. These generally just require you to kill a bunch of one type of enemy, then a boss monster comes out. Completing these will earn you a large chunk of experience as well as currency that is only obtained in this process.

Most achievements are of the daily, weekly, and monthly kind. All three are exactly the same, except the longer ones just require more of each objective. Killing monsters, capturing dragons, and crafting items are what you can expect to need be done to achieve these timed achievements.

When you feel like you’re a rich player, you can go and get yourself either an apartment or house to customize to your liking. These cost a lot of money, but allow you to place furniture and other items into them. You can even have roommates in them, which you can give ranks to depending on what you would allow them to do, such as moving and placing furniture.

When it comes to options, there are tons of them to customize your experience, which isn’t anything new when it comes to MMOs. The graphics look nice and everything, but the game isn’t very well optimized since even if you were to lower every setting to the minimum, you will never reach 60 FPS. There is nice music in different areas of the game and everything, but the lack of enemy sounds while fighting makes the game seem too quiet, especially when you’re fighting many all at once.

Sadly, even though the game is great in terms of the amount of customization that exists whether it be the character looks, gear, and masteries… there are a lot of downfalls that even all of that can’t make up for. Combat in general just feels very unsatisfying, and there aren’t even any sound effects created by enemies so you can’t even tell if they’re doing anything except for simple attacks. Tanks and DPS classes exist for sure, but this seems pointless when the cleric is a damage dealing class itself, and all types of healing appears to only be allowed through dragon skills. Dungeons are VERY boring and plain, at first anyways. With how they look from the beginning, you can’t expect endgame raids or dungeons to be very interesting or satisfying. Micro transactions for things like inventory and bank slots make sense, but some things don’t make sense to have real money costs for, such as resetting your masteries and deleting abilities from dragons. All of these should only have in game currency costs.

The combat itself is easy to understand and only becomes hard when you try to kill large groups of enemies at once. The customization of gear and everything else for that matter may take some time to understand though. With the ability to log out at anytime like all MMOs, there is no reason that someone on a tight schedule can’t enjoy Dragon’s Prophet. Even the dungeons at first only take a few minutes to complete, even when alone.

The combat itself might not be something with the highest skill ceiling, but the amount of customization that you can do whether its your gear, masteries, or dragons, there’s a lot for anyone to discover what is the best. There are very little in the way of actual achievements in Dragon’s Prophet, since most of them are about daily, weekly, and monthly goals. There are however rare dragons that you can go around and capture with unique attributes, and some even have achievements for them. The endgame of an mmo can be any length depending on the player, but the leveling aspect is always the most important part to know. You can expect to take 25-35 hours to get to level 35, and depending on how many experience items you buy and how determined you are, it could take anywhere from 50-100 hours to get to the max level of around 80.

Dragon’s Prophet is free to play with a bunch of ways to spend real life money in game. You will need to purchase Station Cash, which is what all Sony Online Entertainment published games use, which is nice because you can use it on any of their games. Station Cash costs a dollar for 100 of it, with discounts only occurring when you buy a lot at once, and there are sometimes holiday sales where you can acquire a lot.

Everything that you buy with Station Cash is only for the character you spent it on, and nothing will be shared across characters. There are lots of little purchases that you can make over and over in many areas, but if you want to completely unlock all the bank and inventory slots, as well as dragon slots, it will cost you around 140 dollars. This might seem like a lot, but slots cost more as you buy them, and there are so many to buy that you really only need to buy the first few of each kind, which brings the price down significantly. There are cosmetics to buy, and whole sets cost a little over 13 dollars.

One nice thing about Dragon’s Prophet is that most of everything that costs Station Cash can also be bought with Dragon Insignias, which is an in game currency that can be earned without spending any money at all. They can’t be used to unlock permanent things like the inventory slots, but everything else in the market can be bought.

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