Legend of Dungeon Review

Legend of Dungeon is a rogue-like developed by Kitty Loves Robot. There is nothing special about your character that you play, and dying will always cause you to start over as a fresh character. You can choose whether or not you play as male or female, but that is the only thing you can edit other than what is already in the options menu. Gathering experience from defeated enemies will cause you to gain levels, which increases your max health and damage that you do.

There are 26 levels in Legend of Dungeon, each having randomly generated rooms, a set type of enemies, and the chance of treasure and boss enemies. A requirement is not needed to progress onto the next level, you just have to find the staircase that leads down. It is highly recommended to completely finish a level before continuing on as the enemies and everything else does get harder.

Each level will have a random number of rooms that you can explore. They are all randomly generated and can either be completely empty of have lots of treasure and enemies present in them. There will be a number of doors in them that connect to other rooms on the same level, though it isn’t possible to know where they will take you. The room that you just came from will cause its door to have a red glow to it, so there is at least some kind of navigation help at your disposal.

Other than the basic layouts of rooms, you will experience a lot of environment changes and hazards in many of the rooms. There will be lava pits that can have important items on a small island inside of them, switches and floor panels will cause certain things in the rooms to move and open, and there will always be items in alcoves that are impossible to reach, as no switches were created to allow you to reach them.

As you progress though Legend of Dungeon and reach lower levels, you will encounter many different types of stronger enemies. At first you will just run into simple snakes and bats, but then you will come across tons of undead and demonic creatures. There aren’t necessarily bosses in the game, but sometimes a boss like enemy will spawn somewhere in a level and you can definitely tell that it is a lot stronger than everything else around you. All enemies have a chance to drop basic items and special equipment that is specific to them, such as skeleton masks from skeletons.

Killing enemies and opening boxes, as well as just being scattered on the ground, will cause a wide variety of items to appear. Gold coins, experience, and apples are the most common things you will find and they are all over. Potions with varying effects can be beneficial or detrimental to you, though their effects are never specified. Weapons and armor can also be found, though you generally can only equip one piece of armor at a time and the weapons aren’t always better than your sword. Both types of equipment have random stats, since two skeleton masks won’t always have the same armor stats.

You will start the game with a basic sword, which is stays fairly strong but eventually you will want to eventually find a replacement for it somewhere. Your strength goes up every time that you level so even if you have a weak weapon it will always get stronger. There are odd and unique weapons to find, such as a scythe with really long length and high damage, or a spell book that can spawn skeletons under your command.

Other than the basic mode that you start out with, there are a few other modes you can play on when you want to do something new. Impossible mode basically causes much stronger enemies to appear earlier than they normally would, which will be quite a challenge for you. You can generate dungeon seeds, which will cause the dungeon to look roughly the same each time you play them.

It is possible to play Legend of Dungeon with up to four people, which basically allows four characters to traverse the dungeon. This mode is only available locally which means there is no way to play with others online (currently). It doesn’t become harder to play with more people, and it almost feels like a requirement if you want to get very far into the game. Your screen isn’t split into multiple parts, and will just zoom out if each player moves too far from each other. The biggest difference between multi player and single player is that if one character dies, it will wander around as a ghost and if you collect enough spirit orbs you will be able to resurrect.

The options menu is basic but has everything that you need, such as resolution, volume sliders, and the ability to rebind every button. The graphics are simple, but the way that the game handles lighting is fantastic and causes some rooms to look amazing. There is only one song in the game, but it changes every time that you play the game which is a unique feature.

Gold determining where you are placed on the high scores list doesn’t seem like it is the most accurate way to determine how well a player does. You can easily find 500 gold before going past the third level, and some people don’t even find 1000 by time they reach the 10th level. The inventory system could be a lot better, as it can get very clunky when you start to collect a lot of different items.

The gameplay and everything is fairly basic, but that fact that you lose everything when you die and the luck factor might deter people if you want an easy game to play. You will lose all progress of your current game if you decide to quit the game, but you can return to the main menu and return back to where you were if you need to get up to do something. In general though, it isn’t the type of game that you can play in short periods of time.

Anyone that likes a challenge and doesn’t mind lots of luck involved in their gaming, Legend of Dungeon is a good choice. Since you lose everything when you die, there isn’t much to accomplish other than trying to reach the lowest level.

Legend of Dungeon costs 10 dollars and if you are interested in the sound track you can also buy it for 5 dollars. If you enjoy rogue-likes and have friends that like them as well, Legend of Dungeon is worth buying for the low cost.

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