Quantum Rush Champions Review

Quantum Rush Champions is a futuristic combat racing game that has many tracks and modes to play.

The two main ways to play the game is through the arcade, which lets you play any mode and track as well as changing their settings, and the campaign, which lets you complete challenges for three different manufacturers. Each manufacturer has different stats for their ship and even has a unique ability for them, and the campaign challenges for each one is also different. Inside of a manufacturer campaign there are multiple tiers which have a set of challenges inside of them and higher tiers increase the speed of every ship. In order to advance to the next tier, you must complete most of the challenges inside of the current tier and defeat the boss, which can range from you having to destroy them or beating them in a race, which usually entails special circumstances. Normal challenges will reward you with bronze/silver/gold medals, and the activities that they will be having you do include normal races, time trials, deathmatches, and others. Earning a medal will usually earn you additional rewards, such as parts for your manufacturer that can make specific parts of the ship better, and cosmetics.

There are a variety of tracks that you will be playing on as you go through the campaigns, and every track can also be raced on in reverse. Most tracks only vary in their shape and layout, but some have unique aspects such as lava flows that will heat up your ship, magnetic walls and ceilings that you can race on, moving obstacles, and a few other things. Every track also has boost pads to make you go faster for a few seconds, item pickups that let you shoot at other ships or grant your ship something, and power strips that will restore your ships power as you race over it.

There are no difficulty settings, but the game is only really hard if you are trying to get gold medals on every challenge or you are playing on faster tiers. Unless you want to perfect the whole game, it shouldn’t be much of a challenge for you. Each race only lasts a few minutes, and you can easily pause the race if you need to. The actual racing in general isn’t very difficult, but playing in the higher tiers and trying for gold medals on every challenge will give hardcore players something to do.

The game will only last you a few hours if you don’t care about getting gold medals on every challenge or only play through a campaign using one manufacturer, but the game can easily last you a long time if you try to get gold medals on every challenge and play through all campaigns, not to mention playing through the DLC campaigns.

Typical options are available to change, ranging from graphical settings, volumes, and changing the controls. The game isn’t graphically amazing and can run well over 60 frames per second, but the framerate can easily decline on certain tracks and when many racers are on the screen at the same time. There is a good amount of music in the game, each track has its own song as well as the menu. Sound effects while racing aren’t spectacular, and there is no voice acting at all unless you consider the race countdown as a voice. Racing games, especially ones with special controls like shooting weapons and using air brakes, aren’t the easiest to control when using a keyboard, but it is manageable. Luckily, these kind of racing games allow you to use a controller instead, which this one does. Starting up a race track or loading back into the main menu takes about 10 seconds, which isn’t too slow of a loading speed.

While racing games aren’t my favorite thing to play, I always did enjoy the Wipeout games which Quantum Rush Champions is clearly a clone of. Unfortunately, it is very different from the Wipeout games as it just never seemed fun to play, and a few mechanics of the game could have been made better. Playing through a campaign unlocks parts for your ship to customize it with, but since a lot of those parts are direct upgrades, you are just needlessly replaying challenges after you have found additional parts that make the challenges much easier to complete. Weapons and the modes that require them could have been better since you can easily win first place without worrying using weapons.

Quantum Rush Champions costs 10 dollars for the game, 4 dollars for the soundtrack, and 2 dollars for an extra campaign to play through. If you are looking for a simple futuristic racer with a good amount of content, and not worried about the lack of multiplayer, it is worth buying the game.

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