The Four Kings Casino And Slots Review

The Four Kings Casino And Slots is an online social casino game where you will be wandering around a casino with other players playing various types of casino games.

You have a variety of choices in customizing your character avatar. Body options are fairly simply as you can only choose whether to be a man or woman, skin color, and height, while your face has many more choices. A good selection of basic clothing and accessories are available when you first begin, but there are ways to unlock more. Each casino game has achievements that, when earned, will unlock a unique piece of clothing that you can use on your avatar. Reward points earned from playing games can be used to unlock special cosmetics, including a horse head. Real money can also be spent on cosmetics, including auras.

Chips and reward points are both currencies that you will use around the casino. Beginning the game will start you out with ten thousand chips to give you a good start towards making more. Other than betting on games and hoping you win big, chips can also be earned in a few other ways. Simply logging in each day will give you some, there are daily and weekly tasks to complete with chip rewards, each day grants a free spin on a special slot machine, and every 15 minutes you are able to collect a small amount at a kiosk. Reward points are earned by playing casino games and earning chips at them, though bingo and poker will earn you some even if you lose because of the time investment. Each game has ranks that will increase as you earn reward points at them, and you will earn chips at certain ranks. The main use of reward points is that they can be used to purchase a variety of cosmetics that can’t be obtained in any other way. If you are able to earn enough reward points in a month, you will be granted VIP status that lets you enter a special lounge that has exclusive games and higher bets, increasing how many chips you earn for free, and a few other small bonuses.

Most of the casino games that you will be playing are ones you would find in a real casino. There are card games like poker and blackjack, table games like craps and roulette, machine games like eletronic poker and keno, slot machines, bingo, and baccarat in the VIP lounge. Most games can be found out in the main lobby, but there are game specific rooms that cater to the higher stake games. Every once in a while there are events that happen over a weekend where a specific game is chosen and winners are decided by who did the best playing them over that weekend. There are also seasons where leaderboards for each game displays who has done the best at each game each three month period, with prizes given out in the end.

Other than poker and blackjack, everything else in the game is luck based so if you are terrible at card games, you can still have fun and possibly be lucky at the machine games. Almost every game can be quit out of at any time, while bingo and poker will require some extra time to play, but even they don’t last too long.

Since most games in the casino are luck based, hardcore players will stick to playing blackjack and poker since both allow for strategy. Knowing the game of poker and bluffing other players, and card counting during blackjack are both things that will reward you if you can learn them. There are no concrete goals or length to the game, since it will last you as long as you stay interested in it.

There are a good amount of options, including ones you would expect and game specific ones. Graphical settings, social settings like a profanity filter, audio sliders, the UI can be somewhat customized, determine which notifications you want, keybindings, and if you want your fps to be displayed. The game isn’t very graphically impressive, and performs much worse than it looks. Whether you turn the graphical settings to their highest or lowest, the quality and performance of the game barely changes, which means that you’re always going to have a bad looking and performing game no matter the type of computer you have.

Each room and all machine games have their own music that plays. Other than that, there is no voice acting in the game except for when bingo numbers are called, and there are very few sound effects in the game even if a large crowd of people are next to you. The game in general all over feels buggy, whether it is the poor graphical optimization, to every casino game having problems.

I was really enjoying the game for the first 30 or so hours since I was gaining lots of chips while going back and forth between all the games, but it went all down hill when I rushed to get VIP status to write about it on my site and lost all of my chips in the process. I’m actually kind of glad I did lose all of my chips since I was able to find out how terrible the game is when you’re out of chips. Even with VIP status, which doubles all of the free chips that I can earn, I just can’t earn chips anymore from playing games. This was my experience when I had a lot of good luck early on in the game, imagine what it would be like to constantly lose with the chips that you begin the game with and run out not even an hour into playing. I might have even considered spending some money on a cosmetic or two, but there is no way I’d do that when the game can become boring in an instant. It doesn’t help when the daily free slots has bugged out on me and not giving me any chips, even when I match three in a row. This is also the first free game that I have tried where you can’t even PLAY it without having chips, unless you just want to play free poker 24/7. That would be like playing a free shooter game where it limits how many matches you can play, and losing matches decreases the amount of times you can play, until finally you are forced to buy more matches.

I would change it so the free chips that you earn over time gives you a small amount even if you aren’t online, even 10% of their normal value would be enough to help people off the floor. This could even earn you too many over a long period, so a chip cap should also be in place.

The Four Kings is free to play along with options to purchase cosmetics and additional chips in game with money.

While most clothing options are free or unlockable with achievements and reward points, there are some that require real money in order to acquire. These can range from 50 cents to 7 dollars and includes badges to display by your name, various clothing, and auras that help your avatar stand out. The cosmetic options and prices are surprisingly reasonable when compared to many other free games.

When you run out of chips or are simply wanting more, you can buy more ranging from a dollar to 20 dollars, which will give you between 5k and 400k chips. Bought chips can also be gifted to your friends, and they can buy them for you as well.

If you can handle the bugs and bad performance of the game, it is quite fun as long as you have chips to play with. Once you run out, the game becomes very boring unless you feel like buying tons of chips, since the free chips you get over time barely let you play any games and you can’t even do anything except talk to others if you don’t have any.

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