Bunker Punks Preview

Bunker Punks is a first person shooter rogue-like where you will be raiding corporations for supplies, upgrading your bunker to make raiding easier, and unlocking persistent upgrades between games.

There are different punks that you can play differing in their base stats like health and armor, while also having a damage bonus towards a type of weapon. Additional ones can be unlocked for future play as you advance through the game, and you can eventually get the ability to bring more than one into your game. If one of your punks dies and you have spares remaining, they all receive a unique stat bonus depending on the punk that had died.

Raiding corporation buildings is the main goal of the game, where you fight through floors of enemies collecting gear and currencies. An overhead map shows the available buildings you can choose to raid, letting you know what to expect inside of them. Each building has a set number of floors you must progress through, with later buildings having more floors. At first you will just be fighting small flying drone enemies, but later you will be fighting robotic dogs, turrets, and even giant tank-like robots. Armor and weapons can both be collected from chests and bosses, allowing you to customize your character with various stat bonuses. Credits and tech currencies can also be collected while raiding, where one can only be used at your bunker while the other is for unlocking persistent upgrades.

When you finish raiding a corporation, you will be returned to your bunker HQ. Here you can spend the credits you’ve collected to build various rooms that can have upgrades installed in them, making it easier to raid in many different ways. Examples include the medical room that lets you recover health in various ways, and the armory that can increase the amount of damage you do with the different gun types. While each room has many different upgrades to choose from you can only build a certain amount in each room, making you decide which upgrades are important.

Tech is the other currency you can collect from raiding, and is used between game sessions. Before starting a new game, you are taken to the vendor screen where you can unlock various permanent upgrades that you will have access to while playing. You will be able to unlock new guns and weapons that can be found, new rooms to build, new punks to recruit, and unique upgrades to add to bunker rooms.

Beating the game the first time without unlocking any persistent upgrades is the hardest that the game can currently be. After unlocking some things and figuring out how the game works, it becomes rather easy and is only difficult on the last few levels.

You can quit the game between any level and return to where you are, and levels are very short to complete. The game’s difficulty is rather balanced and with no hardcore modes, you would have to put restrictions on yourself to make the game harder.

While there is shooting in the game, only robots are being destroyed and the graphics are simple enough to hide the violence. The voice acting doesn’t appear to have anything offensive. If anything, the fact that the game is fast paced might not make it the best for kids, but there’s nothing wrong with letting them try it out. If you’re physically impaired in some way, Bunker Punks most likely won’t be enjoyable for you since it is fast paced. The game’s graphics won’t impair anyone that has color blindness however, since you never need to know what color stuff is.

Raiding all the compounds and winning the game takes around an hour to do, but the game is designed to be played multiple times. Multiple unique characters can be played and there are persistent upgrades that you can unlock to make future runs different. Depending on your play style, the game will last you between 5-10 hours in its current state.

The options menu is very bare, but this kind of game doesn’t need that many settings. Even so, the most important settings for a fast FPS are available to change, including FOV and mouse sensitivity. Volume sliders and a few others are also available. The graphics are extremely simple and resolution is the only setting you can change, but it all runs perfectly with no stutters or crashes. Framerate is not capped and can easily achieve 144. You would have to have an ancient computer to not be able to play.

There is a variety of music that plays while you’re at your bunker and raiding buildings, but they all sound rather similar and is hard to tell if the song changed or not. Each punk has their own voice acting, though you might get tired of them saying the same thing every time they enter a new floor. Controlling your character, shooting, and using menus are all very smooth. Because of the fast paced nature of the game it is recommended to play with a mouse and keyboard, even though the only controller that works with the game is the Steam Controller since the mouse cursor is required at times.

Upgrading your bunker and raiding corporations is mechanically complete, but the amount of content is rather low. Other than implementing more content, the developer is planning on making many other changes but there is no definitive list of what might be added.

Bunker Punks was average for me, as it just wasn’t my type of game. That being said, it has potential to be a great game for people who like the genre. It was most likely the current lack of variety that made the raiding and shooting average feeling, and buying new upgrades with tech was the only thing that felt fun. Other than a lack of content the only other “problem” that the game currently has is balance in different areas, but is currently being addressed by the developer.

If you’re a fan of shooter rogue-likes you should keep your eye on this game. Unless you’re very interested in it, it is advised to wait a while before buying so then there will be more content present. Bunker Punks costs 15 dollars on Steam. The price is probably a little high for the amount of content and length that the game has, but will most likely be worth the cost once it is finished.

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